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From my experience with Juan at Live Out Loud, & let me tell you, he’s extremely organized, very strategic, detail oriented & a great online marketing brain. Juan knows that it takes to attract traffic and gain conversions – a vital key for any online marketer. He’s incredibly reliable, fast, efficient, & precise. Plus, he’s always up to date on the latest online marketing trends and best practices. He’d be a great fit at your company as a consultant or hands-on worker.

Kevin Harrington
Infomercial Pioneer, 'Shark' Tank shark, Entrepreneur

I remember working with a group of students on a project to, essentially, get newspapers to see that the old school model was broken with the new school model of student journalists. The class offered ideas on what content show look like, incorporation of more video, etc. We presented to a newspaper in the midwest where one of the editors is a close friend. When they heard what the students presented, they were speechless and not in a good way. Typical of the business. My friend ended up being fired, but what’s interesting is that several of the ideas presented are currently being used in various publications. One of the students in that class was Juan. It was obvious to me, and to the other students, who was the unquestioned leader: Juan.

If he had chosen, the newspaper path was clearly marked for Juan. Thankfully, he chose to pave his own trail.

Paul Mitchell
University of Nevada, Reno

We were thrilled to have Juan speak at our college access conference. Juan has a great message and a success story that really resonated with our group of college access professionals. Juan’s presentation was engaging and very real. Our audience quickly connected with him. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone listening was motivated to “be the one”.

In addition to a great presentation, Juan also saved the day by adding, at the last minute, 15 more minutes to his presentation as our program wound up having more time in the schedule. As an organizer for the event, I could not have been more grateful.

I would highly recommend Juan to anyone who wants a fun, energetic, and completely engaging speaker for their meeting or event for both students and staff.

Janet Stake
Nevada System of Higher Education | University of Nevada-Reno

Passionate, charismatic, creative, loyal & genuine – these are but a few words that describe Juan Valentin Lopez. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Juan and have witnessed a powerful leader who is as effective as he is diligent in his work ethic and overall energy he brings to the projects he most cares about. He humbly seeks guidance when necessary and does not hesitate to take initiative – a sign of true leadership.

I have had the honor of mentoring & working alongside Mr. Lopez as he’s lead the fruition of our great organization’s successful programs, events and overall marketing strategy.

Looking forward, I have no doubt that Juan’s light will shine brightly on any endeavor he’s apart of and I anticipate and welcome his leadership on the projects we will collaborate on.

Eric D. Baca
SEG Senior Director for Moet Hennessy Portfolio

I work with students who will be the first in their families to attend college. Among the challenges they face, is the overwhelming pressure to be fit in and the lack of academic support at home.

I knew that my students needed some motivation and that listening to Juan would help them see the bigger picture. Juan shared his personal story. His message was simple. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, success will follow.

He was able to relate and connect to students as he too is the son of immigrants and grew up in a similar neighborhood. He spoke with an open heart and students listened attentively.

I was surprised to find out that despite being very shy, they reached out to him via social media that weekend. My hope is that students learn to see the “glass as half full”. Juan mentioned that sometimes we’re so focused on the bad in our lives that we overlook all the good.

I will challenge my students to find the opportunity in every obstacle they encounter. If you are looking for a speaker to move your group, your students and/or leaders, I would highly recommend Juan Lopez. His story resonates with everyone because it’s the ultimate human story of adversity and success.

Hellen Quan-Lopez
Academic Counselor, Educational Talent Search

There are people that talk about doing things, then there’s people who do them - that’s Mr. Lopez.

In working together he has been a great source to soundboard creative ideas, and he’s helped me to solidify online marketing solutions for a myriad of industry verticals including: international education, religious institutions, and personal branding. Mr. Lopez is my ace-in-the-hole and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.

Jonathan Barragan
Senior Digital Strategist at Flood Marketing

In the two years that I have had the pleasure of working with Juan Lopez, I have seen nothing but high level performance and dedication. If you are looking for a dependable and creative marketing minded professional, look no further then Mr. Lopez. Juan exhibits a natural desire and ability to constantly optimize his work which shows up in his performance.

This, along with his incredible attention to detail & his project management skills, makes Juan one of the brightest young marketing management professionals out there. Expect great(er) things from him in the near future.

Stephen Prior
President and Founder at Prior Marketing Solutions

Juan has evolved from an online marketing assistant in 2013 to currently leading my organization as our General Manager in 2017 (as an independent contractor). The strides this man has made are amazing – his leadership, creativity and hustle are a thing to marvel at.

Juan is a digital marketing genius – email marketing, Infusionsoft, marketing automation, lead generation, social advertising, retargeting, content development, mobile app development – you name it, he's on top of it.

What really sets him apart is his leadership. Since graduating with an MBA, he's taken on a much larger role within my organization and has been a marvel to watch. He leads from the front – he gets his hands dirty and is quick to share congratulations & take the blame. People gravitate toward him because he genuinely cares for them – which in turn makes them want to produce more to live up to the expectations he sets.

He's an all-star – can't say enough good things about this man. He's been a huge asset to my company over the past 3.5 years and I hope it continues!

Loral Langemeier
Live Out Loud Founder & CEO

He has grown into a confident and unstoppable force in this world.

We hired Juan as he was fresh out of college as our Social Media Director for our company Dreams Realty. Many of our agents are over the age of 50, and social media was very foreign and scary to them. Juan created a clear and easy training program for them that included one-one-one training, and a tactile social media manual in which each of them could go back and reference for directions, usernames, and passwords. He was so kind, patient, and thorough with each of the agents. He was instrumental in getting them into a new form of real estate marketing that once intimidated them.

Juan continues to be not only a large part of other projects in our work lives, but he is a loyal and joyous member of our family. The way Juan conducts his life encompasses the pay it forward model. We feel blessed to have been contributory to his growth and success.

Sarah E. Carmona-Zink
Broker/Co-Owner of Dreams Realty

Juan presented at Western Nevada College (WNC) for College Day, which is an event for seniors from participating high schools to experience the campus, interact with faculty and have fun.

The WNC community and seniors had the opportunity to hear Juan speak with truth, purpose, heart and hope.

Juan's delivery was engaging and his messages were empowering. It was a delight to work with Juan and I highly recommend him!

Lauren Stevens
Coordinator of Advising / Counselor

I have known Juan Lopez since he arrived on the University of Nevada Campus several years ago and started writing the Nevada Sagebrush as a member of the Sports Staff. During that time I had many interactions with Juan in both an interview setting and seeing him on campus or covering our many sporting events.

He was always honest, up front and never wrote anything different from what we had discussed. He could be very direct when he felt it was needed but I always trusted Juan to present a balanced picture of whatever the situation was that he was writing about.

I have watched Juan continue to grow and mature and see him developing into a very successful leader and mentor for so many young men and women. I predict a very bright and successful future for Mr. Lopez in whatever he does.

Keith T. Hackett
Director of Athletics, University of Alaska Anchorage

I have worked with Juan Lopez for 2 years within the international coaching and mentoring company called Live Out Loud. The atmosphere is fast paced and the volume of marketing projects and deadlines are relentless. Juan has proved his merit time and time again with his technical performance, writing acumen, team player mentality, and rock solid can-do attitude. Juan brings to the table tremendous out-of-the-box creativity and brainstorming abilities as well as the skill needed to assume the “voice” and “tone” of any marketing campaign we’ve asked of him. Juan’s professionalism is only surpassed by his commitment to serve the client and his co-workers to the highest standard. With full respect and appreciation- Thank you Juan!

Damon Stokes
Programs Manager at Live Out Loud

I met Juan in the fall of 2010. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to associate myself with him. His work ethic, charisma, leadership, and willingness to help others was so contagious, I wanted in on it. Selfish is not on that list!

Juan and I have long conversations about helping our younger generation and one day I asked him to pay a visit to my high school students. My students were excited to meet a friend of mine but the real treat was in the life experiences that Juan shared. My students were able to connect with Juan in finding "their stutter" and helping them find a way to change their personal view on it. The presentation was so powerful, I strongly believe it improved my students' motivation levels for the remainder of the semester. He even gave them homework!

I would highly recommend you meet or introduce Juan Lopez to anyone looking for a motivational speaker.

Rene Flores
Math Teacher/Girls Soccer Head Coach at Wooster High School
Have you worked with Juan? Leave him a quick review here »
  • Please note that by submitting this form, you are consenting to having your testimonial about Juan V López published on this website.

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